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Dr. Gould Study Collections Project


Creative Producer - Filmmaker - Photographer - Book Designer

I was the creative producer of the Dr. Gould Study Collections Project: a partnership between Dr. Philip Gould (Art Historian, Professor Emeritus from Sarah Lawrence College, Ethnographic Art Collector and Lecturer), student interns from Stuyvesant High School, and Ray Lent of Placer Partners / The Putney Financial Group. My role was to project manage, film and photograph, and I was also commissioned to create a book to showcase this one-of-a-kind project.

Over the years, Dr. Philip Gould (Oct 17, 1922 - Dec 19, 2019) had amassed an immense collection of African tribal art and artifacts which adorned his Manhattan apartment. The interns cataloged a portion of the collection, complete with a picture and museum-label description. This experience used primary source objects to teach about art history. The interns engaged history at a higher level using the senses. The project aimed to allow other students to touch and hold these pieces of history and enhance the learning experience.

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